Become the Creative CEO that doesn't stress over
low revenue months. 

Heart-Led Business Strategies
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Creative Biz Inconsistent Revenue Struggles? I get it

1. Making inconsistent $10K+ months just to struggle/stress through low-revenue (ie. June/July) months again? 

2. Being energetically drained because you’re constantly launching/trying to sign new clients because you don't know where your money goes at the end of the month?

3. Seeing a Profit & Loss report from your bookkeeper / accountant, but you still don’t know what to actually do with that information?

4. The imposter syndrome of being a business owner but you’re feeling ashamed about still not being “good with money”

5. Doing all the mindset work, putting 30% aside for taxes, 20% for savings, and still feel unclear/overwhelmed by what to do with business money? 

Have you ever felt burnt out by: 

Managing your biz cash will no longer be a overwhelming. 
Let's liberates you to play more in your creative business. 

I'm ready

I got you, sweet friend

Become the Creative CEO that doesn't stress over low revenue months | Become the Creative CEO that doesn't stress over low revenue months | Become the Creative CEO that doesn't stress over low revenue months.

I know all about chasing after the next-level five-figure months. 

But I also know that when you find yourself struggling during low-cash June/July months, you’ll wonder if owning a business really is for you because having to constantly launch is exhausting.

So you look for coaches who can help you grow your business, book more clients, implement marketing strategies, etc. 

And so - you do but…

Then you lose motivation because you feel like your creative uniqueness is being lost by implementing someone else' copy-paste strategies just to keep up with the roller coaster cycle of inconsistent revenue months.  

You're a visionary, you're a creative, you've got an impact to offer to the world, but you’re just not a numbers person.

Who do you turn to?

a business & money strategist that gets your creative heart

a kindred creative spirit who knows how to build creative businesses to avoid money stress.

MEET YOUR NEW Strategist

I'm Tiffany

Picture this: you’ve got me in your corner, handling all the un-sexy money tasks & business strategizing while you spend all your time confidently playing inside your creative biz.

Ditch the gut-churning stress of inconsistent revenue months with a business strategist + simple money plans crafted for creatives

Here’s how we can make it happen:

The quickest way to learn exactly what’s going on in your biz finances and get DFY next steps to achieving salary consistency using inconsistent months.

Money Clarity Intensives

The most liberating way to reach and maintain $20k+ months without having to compromise your creative energy. 

Biz Strategist + CFO Retainer

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Before I worked with her, I was so worried about booking my next project that I started falling out of love with my designs.

Her support has transformed the money chaos inside my business and granted me space to fall back in love with my creative business.
"What more is there to say?

It wasn’t because of some diversified portfolio or crazy investments. We just cleaned up me and everyone knows I wouldn’t have done that by myself.

– Web Designer, working together for 7+ months

"Tiffany Scarlett isn't just my CFO, she's my stress reliever."

I thought business planning was just about writing down a $10k month dream goal. 

But when Tiffany got her hands on my money chaos and handed me a plan…I realized it’s not about the $10k months. It’s about what you do with it. 

– Systems Expert, working together for 8+ months

"I felt like the whole online business industry lied to me."

Fill out the application form & book a call with me! 

Make sure we're the right fit & we'll get ourselves set up with all things onboarding .

You tell me everything about your business, your vision, your dream goals, and I start strategizing for you.

How to get started

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Stop stressing over what steps you’re supposed to take next and just start implementing

I know that you want to be a confident, Creative CEO without worrying about inconsistent revenue months. 

 In order to do that, you need to have clarity on your business finances, a clear roadmap of how to use it to reach your goals and be paid consistently, every month, no matter what. 

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The problem is inconsistent revenue months are inevitable and all the strategies you’re being taught is HOW to make MORE, but they don’t give you the solution of how to sustain them, which makes you feel like an imposter with money stress even though you’re a “business owner” making $10K+ months. 

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Here’s how I do this:

1. I get to know every detail of your business and get to know YOU, who you are, what you dream of. 
2. Strategies & Implementation tailored business and simple money plans for you so you can spend you time focusing on creating. 
3. I mentor, coach and adjust with/for you as your business implements. 

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Ready? I am! Apply now.

And in the meantime, reach out to me, let me start getting to know your business.

It's time you stop feeling overwhelmed and become the confident, creative CEO with money clarity and consistent abundance. 

I’ll take you from chasing five-figure months to taking 3+ month paid vacations on airplane mode.

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