And I’m Not Your Typical Business Strategist + CFO

I’m Miss Tiffany Scarlett, but you can call me Tiffany…

I joined that high-ticket mastermind to learn the strategies to scale to $10K+ months, thinking it’s what it took to gain that seductive online biz owner freedom I was seeing everywhere. 

I found myself replicating the same five-figs rat race (and money chaos) of the coach just to stay afloat.

Stuck. Resistant to selling. De-motivated. Falling out of love with my business. 

So I made the change - strategize business uniquely for ME and focus on building money sustainability for future slow months. 

Everything changed. My creative energy came back alive & my business quadrupled. 

But everywhere I looked, I still saw my high-level mastermind peers struggle with the stress of month-to-month money chaos.

They started turning to help them strategize and implement simple money plans in the same way. 

That’s when I knew. I needed to strategize for the unique and help creatives build money sustainability.

Before helping creatives make big money moves and work only 25 hr weeks, I was a creative entrepreneur just like you.

Trust me when I say this cycle will burn you out and make you fall out of love with your creative business. It did for me, and I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Feeling trapped in a cycle of making money and then spending money to keep making more money.

Don't Let Me Burn Out

I know how it is:

Take a peek at the behind-the-scenes of my business!

By merging my background as a creative business owner with my experience in the financial world, I’ve built a business that’s as profitable as it is fun. It’s basically my daily playground! 

Here’s what it looks like:
  • Capping work at 25 hours per week, max. 
  • Watching my revenues quadruple in 24 months.
  • Never worrying about inconsistent revenue months.
  • Jetting off on at least 3 big trips a year.
  • Spending at least 1 quarter every year to work on the backend of my business

Today, my business is built to help you become the Confident Creative who doesn’t stress over inconsistent revenue months so that you can enjoy more mountain, river, or couch adventures while I strategize against your business & money stress. 

– Influencer, working together 8+ months. 

"I felt like an idiot before working with Tiffany. I didn’t know anything about money, finances, or expenses. I’m just good at attracting it. 

She explained it all to me in ways that I understand AND she gave me a plan that got me excited about money planning!" 

Besides my microbladed brows (I’m an influencer), Tiffany is the best biz investment I ever made.


Financial success is about stacking the zeros so that we can have freedom to adventure through the mountains with our fur-babies, or brunch Monday-Friday, spending time with our loved-ones.


I rewrite rules and unsubscribe from traditional wealth-building tactics to find innovative, inspiring, and FUN strategies that work for you.

Playful creativeness

What We Care About Around Here:

Having the capacity to be generous is freeing. Here, my clients and I create the same generous space for vulnerability, protection and support when it comes to all-things money and business.

Your Strategist: Passionate Introvert

INFJ, playful southpaw, doodle-loving, sensitive empath, visionary.
And I can’t help but colour outside of the lines. 

I love me my dresses, but I’ll never turn down an opportunity to put on my basketball shoes. 

I start my days slow, cuddling my personality-filled doodle, talking to him & pretending he understands me, before we walk to the river with a hot cup of mocha.

When I “grow up”, I want to build that container home I’ve drafted the blueprint for years ago.

I’m like a business coach, but instead of sitting on the outside, I know your business inside-out. I strategize, implement, analyze AND adjust with/for you. 

I take a proactive role inside your business, giving you updates, analysis, strategies when I see the need. 

And real talk: I’m not your typical ‘talk-once-a-quarter-and-feel-more-confused-than-ever’ CFO


As your Strategist + CFO, I’m here day in and day out to make sense of your budget, bring order to your money chaos, and help you turn your creativity into a sustainable business that grants you freedom in AND out of your work. 

Are you in?

What even is a Business Strategist + CFO for the Unique?

The big question:

I'm So In!