It’s about having a business that makes you feel like you’re playing every day so you can enjoy life’s small moments, be present in the big ones, and live the life you created.

Ready to Play More, Stress Less, And Fall Back In Love With Your Creative Business?

Business Strategy + CFO Retainer for Unique Creatives 

play more in your biz

But YOU, Unique Creative, don’t need the one to understand or enjoy organizing spreadsheets, creating budgets, and planning the money & business side of things to be able to create freely.

This is exactly why my calendar gets booked out.

I’ll build you a step-by-step plan of how to make your monthly revenue goals ($10K? $25K? $50k?!), work 25 hr weeks and NOT struggle through low income months. 

OUT: Overwhelm from managing your inconsistent income. 

CEO confidence shouldn’t be limited to 
‘numbers-smart entrepreneurs’.

IN: Peace of mind from an expert taming your money chaos. 

Stress less in your biz

Business Strategies for the Unique, Creative + Simple Money Plans that Work | I Strategize Unique | Business Strategies for the Unique, Creative + Simple Money Plans that Work | I Strategize Unique | 

"I thought if anyone knew how terrible I was at managing the money, they’d never take me seriously as a business owner. Tiffany completely changed this for me."

– Photographer, worked together 6 months

"I hired a VA but secretly stressed about not knowing if I could keep her because I didn’t even know how to pay myself consistently. Tiffany gave me a step-by-step plan of how to pay my VA and myself regularly."

– Copywriter, working together 7+ months

  • Focus on serving your clients with more value, more heart, and more joy.
  • stop stressing about booking the next big project or client because of inconsistent months
  • Work 25 hr weeks 
  • Have confidence that crafted strategies + simple money plans that all work together to bring your unique vision to life
  • take a two-month vacation and still get paid a consistent salary 
  • be seen as a seriously savvy CEO with a handle on their finances

Business Strategist + CFO Retainer is perfect for you if you want to:

I'm ready!

Business Strategist + CFO Packages

Stop blindly making the next business investment - I’ll give you a clear plan.

Have a Strategist + CFO in your back pocket...

Simple done-for-you long-term money plans? Check. Implementation? Check. Monthly analysis & adjustments? Check. 

Tailored business strategies that work for what YOU want, not just “copy-paste”. I meet you where you’re at in your business. Whether it’s eliminating an out-of-alignment offer, or how to pay yourself consistently, or which business investment to make next, let’s craft the strategy that works for you.

Business Strategist + CFO Retainer

This annual 90-minute call is where we turn the page. We’ll celebrate the past year’s money wins and shift gears to strategize for next year’s vision.  

We review the year and create plans for any big biz shifts in the future. 

On this call, clients ask questions like…

‘What quarter is best for my month-long vacation?’


How much do I need to sell next year to end my work days by 2:00?’

Annual Visioning Call

Every quarter, we go big! In a 90-minute strategy session, we’ll take a high-level look at your biz finances and adjust them as needed to keep hitting your goals. 

We check in to confirm we’re still accelerating toward your money goals. 

On this call, clients ask questions like…

‘How much should I charge for my new offer?’


‘What’s the best strategy during my 3-week vacation?’

Quarterly Strategy Calls

Our monthly 30-minute calls are your business’s pulse check. I’ll serve up the latest on your money health and tweak our strategy to keep you on track. 

I keep your money working for you, even if change, pivots, or surprises occur. 

On this call, clients ask questions like…

‘I made an extra $1.8K, where do we put it?’


‘My coach has a new package I want that’s an extra $800, how can I afford it next month?’

Monthly Heartbeat Calls

In this 60-minute call, we’ll uncover your values, unravel your money knots, and create a plan for where you want to take your business in the next year.

You tell me your wildest business dreams, and I show you how to reach them. 

On this call, clients ask questions like…

‘How do I manage and overcome inconsistent income months? 


‘I want to double my revenue without working more…is that possible?’

One Kickoff Planning Call

What you get with 6 or 12+ months of our time together:

Bonus: All CFO Retainers include a custom Money Clarity Intensive (valued at $777)

for six months

$6,000 CAD

Pay in full

for twelve months

$10,000 CAD

Pay in full

per month

$1,111 CAD

monthly payments STARTING AT

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Investment Options

Business Strategies for the Unique, Creative + Simple Money Plans that Work | I Strategize Unique | Business Strategies for the Unique, Creative + Simple Money Plans that Work | I Strategize Unique | 

Get This Type Of Support

Want to eavesdrop on some more convos we have inside the Done-For-You CFO Retainer? 

Here’s a peek at a few of the questions, concerns, and celebrations that go down when you bring me on as your Strategist + CFO:

A quick-win setup for creatives new to money management.
Whether you have a specific money goal (like hiring a VA) or simply want to stop worrying about your bank balance, the road to money clarity starts here. 

The Money Clarity Intensive is your shortcut to understanding where your money is coming from, where it’s going, and how to make it work for your big goals. 

What you get:
  • Three 60-minute calls
  • An analysis of your business’s current finances
  • A custom working budget and money tracker
  • A step-by-step money goal plan

**The Money Clarity Intensive is included with every Retainer.

Money Clarity Intensive

Can’t commit to 6 months just yet?
let’s get you some money clarity now.

Investment: $777 CAD, payment plans available

Make a money plan asap

Additional Bonuses (worth $1700!)


An additional 60 minute call of your choice to get my expertise on the strategic needs & planning of your business

Extended 30 day text/voice access to me after your retainer is over 



– Business Coach, working together 4+ months

"I was teaching my clients how to hit their $50K months, but I didn’t want to admit that I needed money help. I’m glad I did because Tiffany saved my business. Now, I’ve fully stepped into my CEO role while she handles all things money!"

Remember: Business coaches aren’t a one-stop-shop

Here’s the thing: bookkeepers, financial planners, and accountants are incredibly helpful if you only need organizational support. 

‘So, are you like a bookkeeper or an accountant?’

If you wrestle with inconsistent income, budgeting accountability, and feelings of guilt or stress surrounding your money, then virtual CFO services are right for you. 

While bookkeepers organize your day-to-day transactions, accountants prep you for tax season, and financial planners create strategic money plans, I do it all and more. 

Inspires you to build a business and life that fits you (like a fellow creative)

Provides ongoing feedback, accountability, and support (like a partner)

Creates step-by-step plans to help you reach your money goals (like a planner).

Analyzes your finances and gives insight into your biz health (like an accountant).

Tracks and organizes day-to-day business transactions (like a bookkeeper).

Picture me, your virtual CFO, as your all-in-one money confidant who:

Oh, did I mention our convos will involve dog adventures and dreamy vacation spots? ‘Cause money talk should be strategic, personal, and fun. 

Hire an all-in-one money partner


Discovery Call

Client Application

What Happens Next:

Spill the beans on your money feelings, business aspirations, and lofty dreams to make sure I can truly help you. 

Let’s start our relationship off right: Jump on a Discovery Call so we can both rest assured our values and goals align. 

I’ll grab a few more details from you and we’ll get to know each other better before I start unraveling your money mayhem! 

Experience real financial confidence without sacrificing your creativity, well-being, or freedom.

Kiss your money chaos goodbye!

experience more freedom